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Do Glycolic peels make skin more dull & sensitive?

Ok my skin is littlie bet sensitive, %26amp; before 3-4 year I got sun burn %26amp; some infection on my face due to this I have uneven pigmentation on my face, my face %26amp; my neck skin is visibly different, so do u think Glycolic peels will help me to clear my completion or it will make my skin more dark. My face completion was normal fair, but now my face is little dull red %26amp; whenever I do excises or any physical work my face become more red, plz answer if anybody have experience or have same problemDo Glycolic peels make skin more dull %26amp; sensitive?
The purpose of a glycolic peel is to even out your skin tone. If you have uneven pigmentation, then you should probably get a peel. And then use a moisturizer with sunblock.
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  • Glycolic Acid Peels?

    Does anyone know what stores sell glycolic acid peels rather than buy them online?Glycolic Acid Peels?

    Has anyone had any experience with glycolic acid peels?

    do they work any feedback is welcomeHas anyone had any experience with glycolic acid peels?
    No experience. However, the site below discusses chemical peels.

    Glycolic acid peels anyone?

    What's your experience? Where did you by the peel?Glycolic acid peels anyone?
    i used 50% glycolic peel and i had ok resuts the first time, but it wasn't a cure for anything.

    i got it off ebay from perfect peel solutions. ( in addition to their directions though, i would recommend using an alcohol pad after washing your face to remove all the oil, otherwise you can end up with splotchy results the first time like i did). the first couple of days i looked gross, but after wards i saw some improvements with the acne scars i had. unfortunately when i found the down time to do the peel again (2-3 days), my skin didn't peel at all, and there was no more improvements.

    to be honest i wouldn't buy anymore peels (i have bought several types off ebay, the glycolic being the strongest) they are just too unpredictable and harsh, and usually they don't work at all. what i recommend to everyone now is obagi. my dermatologist told me about it, and it cured my scars and roseca (i think it also helps with wrinkles, liver spots, and hiperpigmentation to) its not a harsh chemical, its a bleaching cream that you use daily. they recommend you buy the whole kit of 6, with face wash, toner, spf, ect. but i did what my derm. recommended and just bought the actual bleaching cream, Nu-derm # 3 clear ( i also got the ';blender #5 to take care of redness that i had, but it needs to be used with retin-a).Glycolic acid peels anyone?
    listen, that is NOT something you want to mess with yourself- you can end up with PERMANENT scarring %26amp; disfiguration. better to contact a clinical spa %26amp; have a professional do it for you

    Does Glycolic Facials & Peels help with acne scars?

    thats basically my biggest problem right now, and i need something that will really truly work. cuz ive tried everything and ive been very patient. does this work??? what about facials?? remember acne scars and acne, but iim more worried about the scars.

    and please dont tell me to wait it out, they'll fade over time. if i wanted that answer i wouldnt have asked. thanks!

    thanks! thanks! thanks!

    %26lt;3Does Glycolic Facials %26amp; Peels help with acne scars?
    Chemical peels DO work. You have to go to the right person. Chemical peels were done to a friend of mine who had pretty moderate acne with a lot of scars. It took about 10 peels to finally see a difference however. I am not fond of microdermabrasion, lots of people do it wrong. It actually can do more damage than good. If you have ALOT of acne scars (severe), I would suggest going to a dermatologist and seeing what your options are. They can do dermabrasion which hurts ALOT but thats mostly for really severe acne. Facials are not going to help with the scars but if you consistently go every month and put yourself on a good skin regimen you can certainly control the acne.Does Glycolic Facials %26amp; Peels help with acne scars?
    Sorry, not really, no. I have spent thousands of dollars on facials, chemical peels, even laser treatments, and none seems to help very much. Som, maybe, but not a lot. And then it won't prevent any future acne, and may even provoke it.

    What is better for face skin of a 27 years woman Microdermabrasion or glycolic peeling ?

    for better results with mimimum side effects and cost not matter ....What is better for face skin of a 27 years woman Microdermabrasion or glycolic peeling ?
    It depends on the condition you are trying to fix. Get a free consultation from a professional who offers both and get their opinion. The site has information on services and really good provider network.What is better for face skin of a 27 years woman Microdermabrasion or glycolic peeling ?
    This is my area of specialty and I would be happy to answer your question, especially since I have had dermabrasion myself.

    Your age does not really matter-your skin condition is the issue-so I suggest you determine what needs rectifying.

    Microdermabrasion is especially good if you want to remove acne, wrinkles, sun spots, correct pigment or other scars. I would do that for mysef in a heartbeat!

    If you just need to replenish and renew your skin cells on a regular basis to keep it in good shape, then low grade glycolic peeling is the way to go. -I have my own line of FDA approved rejuvenation skin care, all natural Products called Yogessence which are excellent for Pre and post surgery . We also have have light peels for regular use and we use HGF (Human Growth Factor) and Hyaluronic acid which are excellent moisturizers. The products are available in sample sizes so you can try them first.

    In either case, do NOT get your skin peeled by an esthetician or a nurse unless they are supervised by a dermatologist or surgeon. I have seen bad jobs done which are sometimes irreparable. And more importantly, check out your dermatologist and ask to see his/her patients and talk to them first about the procedures in order to satisfy yourself.
    i recommend microderma, is a lot less invasive and it has good results on dull skin, gine lines, ages spots and enlarged pores.
    it depends on what your trying to get rid of. microderm abrasion is good for pigment problems and acne scars. glycolic peeling is more for fine lines and wrinkles.
    depends if you want to get rid of wrinkles or pimple marks? glycolic peeling = wrinles and microdermabrasion = acne marks.
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    Hi i am poonam i am suffering from pigmentation on face is glycolic peeling a good remedy for that?

    If you are suffering from pigmentation then yes, it is a good solution. A glycolic peel is usually the safer, gentle process than a chemical peel or microdermabrasion.

    The glycolic peel will remove your damaged cells, which then will stimulate cell division leading to healthy, new cells. The glycolic peel will also make your face feel soft and even.

    Most people use to lift, fine lines, decrease acne, even out discoloration and increase their moisture retention.Hi i am poonam i am suffering from pigmentation on face is glycolic peeling a good remedy for that?
    yes but there are other remedies which could be better. anyhow get rid of it fast :).
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  • What is glycolic peels?

    well i just heard abt this. does anyone here know what this is and what r its effects?? i know they use glycolic acid in these peels and that it should be done by a dermotologist only. but i just wanna know more abt it and its advantages and disadvantages.What is glycolic peels?
    The Glycolic Peel is a safe and painless exfoliation process that removes a micro-thin top layer of skin. This form of skin rejuvenation uses glycolic acid to remove damaged cells on the top layer of skin. Removal of damaged cells stimulates cell division that results in plumper, healthier young cells.

    The Glycolic Peel procedure smoothes and softens the skin, diminishes fine lines, decreases acne outbreaks, evens out coloration and lightens hyperpigmented areas.What is glycolic peels?
    run get a rash called the sancho,so then you lol ha haaa haaaa oh gosh that was so funney. Gee I forgot.
    it's good it clear's your face %26amp; remove's your dead skin i am gona do it.
    Actually, they can be done by a licensed Esthetician (and in some states a cosmetologist) providing that they are under a certain pH and percentage (also varies from state to state).

    Glycolic acid is a fruit acid (glycol=sugar) and exfoliant that can be applied in treatments ranging from acne to anti-aging to correcting pigmentation problems. Advantages are that it works to stimulate cell turnover (bringing fresh, healthy cells up to the surface), and in the case of acne is also mildly antibacterial. It stimulates collagen production, increased your skin's ability to produce an retain moisture, and smooths skin's texture overall. Results don't come from just one though, its best to do a series of 6-12, depending on the condition you're treating.

    It can be slightly irritating, peels do sting/itch/burn, and sometimes (especially with a stronger Dr. peel) you will be tender and peel for a few days after. You MUST wear sunscreen, as peels can photosensitize your skin, leaving you more succeptable to sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and general sun damage.

    Make an appointment with a skin therapist for a consultation before deciding whether you want one. Its also best to begin a regimen containing glycolic acid at home to build up your skin's tolerance for it so you don't develop irritation from a peel. Again, get specific reccomendations from a skin therapist.鈥?/a>
    Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). These are naturally occurring, non-toxic, organic acids. In high concentration (40-70%) they are useful as superficial peeling agents.

    Glycolic acid peels are very useful for freshening and rejuvenation of the skin. Glycolic acid peels improve skin texture, sallowness, mottled pigmentation, fine lines and acne.

    After preparing the facial skin with degreasing agents, the glycolic acid is applied to the face. It is left on for two minutes (occasionally longer) and then neutralized.So,Often referred to as ';lunchtime peels';.Glycolic acid causes a tolerable stinging sensation, which stops when neutralized. If the sensation becomes intolerable, it may be neutralized at any time.

    Doctors use a higher concentration of acid; milder preparations are used in skincare salons and given to patients to use at home.Often referred to as ';lunchtime peels'; becoz it in few minutes ,it is ready.

    Skin care after the peel

    .No make-up, skin care products or sun exposure for 3 hours

    .No retinoic acid or glycolic acid home products for 3 days








    c)Retinoic acid cream
    Glycolic Peels

    Glycolic peels, made from alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), are in the lightest category of chemical peels. Known as a ';lunchtime procedure,'; due to their short duration and rapid recovery time, AHA peels can be used to remove superficial wrinkles and dry patches of skin, as well as to treat sun damage and acne scars. Recent research has also indicated that glycolic peels can help patients with acne and rosacea, making the skin more responsive to other treatments and medications. The procedure may need to be repeated several times in order to achieve the best possible results.

    The Procedure

    Glycolic peels are done in a doctor's office as a quick, outpatient procedure. The doctor begins by cleansing the patient's skin. Once the face is prepared, the doctor applies the solution. After about ten to fifteen minutes, the peel is removed and the patient is free to go. No anesthesia is required during the peel, and no special ointments are necessary afterwards. Glycolic peels remove the outermost layer of skin, revealing the smoother skin beneath.

    After a Glycolic Peel

    Recovery time after a glycolic peel is relatively short. While deeper skin peels may take over a week to heal significantly, patients who undergo an AHA peel can resume public activities right away -- almost always by the following day. Some dryness, flakiness, and redness should be expected, as the top layer of skin falls away to reveal the smoother, healthier skin beneath.


    Do Glycolic peels make skin more dull & sensitive?

    Ok my skin is littlie bet sensitive, %26amp; before 3-4 year I got sun burn %26amp; some infection on my face due to this I have uneven pigmentation on my face, my face %26amp; my neck skin is visibly different, so do u think Glycolic peels will help me to clear my completion or it will make my skin more dark. My face completion was normal fair, but now my face is little dull red %26amp; whenever I do excises or any physical work my face become more red, plz answer if anybody have experience or have same problemDo Glycolic peels make skin more dull %26amp; sensitive?
    glycolic peels must be done by the irght type of practioner for the correct effect.

    They can certaionly cause darkness and pigmentation but if done right and the whole course is completed, you should come out with a tighter, less wrinklier skin!

    Glycolic peel?

    What percent is the L'OREAL glycolic peel?

    Is there a home peel that is stronger? I'm scared of buying something online and getting something that could do damage because it is not pure.Glycolic peel?
    Read up on chemical peels by visiting the source below.Glycolic peel?
    I tried did nothing. I decided to stop dinking around and get serious about my skin problem (sun damage). I went to a dermatologist and he recommended the best course of action based on my age, skin condition, and desired results. If I were you I'd save some time and go directly to the experts.
    Here is an article that may help.

    Glycolic Peels for Whiteheads? The good, the bad, the ugly...?

    So I have developed a serious case of closed comedones(whiteheads) all over my face as an adult and went to see a dermatologist who although creepy, recommended Gycolic Peels even though my skin is sensitive. I never had cystic acne, only clogged pores. I went to a facialist 7 weeks ago and they told me that it would take 6 treatments before I see any visible results. After the first one I had a horrible reaction and was all scabbed up. There are now slightly dark spots on the previously scabbed areas. I decided to stick it out since they said that was normal. I have had 3 treatments so far and now am developing cystic acne (pimples) more than I ever had. They also said that is normal. Looking at myself, it looks worse than it ever did so I don't know what to think. I was ok with the idea it would take time to see results, but all I am seeing is it progressively getting worst. I have tried everything from proactiv, exposed, bliv, peter roth, even herbal supplements over the past 10 months or so. Since the dermatologist I went to was useless, I am wondering if my first instinct to these peels was right and if I should stop. Any advice on the matter will be greatly appreciated.Glycolic Peels for Whiteheads? The good, the bad, the ugly...?
    I hate those pesky things. Especially for sensitive skin because peels are too harsh. I suggest instead taking anti-biotics suggested by your [new] dermatologist. They work from the INSIDE so I'd imagine this much more effective than any topical treatment.

    Which treatment is better for acne prone and blemished skin (am 24 yrs) - microdermabrasion or glycolic peels

    honestly, it all depends on your skin type.....If your skin can handle a peel, then try that out....but you'll still have to stick with a skin care reginmen until it completely clears and still use it to prevent any more flare ups..... Peels can have many different turn outs.....I Think Microdermabrasion is some of the best tratments of all in that it helps resurface your skin, but it doesn't necessarily take care of oil problems, so once again be sure to maintain a regular skin care regimen for yourself, ALWAYS MOISTURIZE and Astringent or Toner is never a bad idea.Which treatment is better for acne prone and blemished skin (am 24 yrs) - microdermabrasion or glycolic peels
    Please go for Glycolic peels. Read here- treatment is better for acne prone and blemished skin (am 24 yrs) - microdermabrasion or glycolic peels
    Adelle Davis in Let's Get Well says she saw many cases of acne clear up when a person's diet was made completely adequate. See the chapter Skin Problems Are More Than Skin Deep in her excellent book.

    At home Glycolic Peels??

    Which at home systems have you used that are good? ThanksAt home Glycolic Peels??
    I use Glytone products daily. They offer peels, day/night creams, facial wash, and much more. My skin is always fresh and radiant.
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  • Which is better glycolic acid peels or microdrmabasion crystals?

    I've had a glycolic peel and I thought it was amazing! It was left on for a max of 30 sec. and skin was soooo smooth afterward (and a little red, but that goes away fast). Make sure you get it done by a professional who knows what they're doing b/c acid on your face is nothin' to mess around with.

    Chemical peel... How long should i leave 30% glycolic acid on for?

    Has anyone used glycolic acid for a facial peel, I have used it once and left it on for 3 minutes as stated in the instructions but it didn't do anything, It didn't even sting or tingle, Should i leave it on for longer? If anyone has used it how long did you leave it on for and what were the results? Thank you , katie.Chemical peel... How long should i leave 30% glycolic acid on for?
    My husband is a bio-chemist and what you are doing is DANGEROUS! It is a strong irritant.Chemical peel... How long should i leave 30% glycolic acid on for?
    Oh..., well i have used it 3 times now and my skin looks and feels great my acne scars have gone and there was no irritation or redness or peeling, my skin looks so good i dont need to use foundation, i think used properly this product is amazing... i love it! Report Abuse

    Sorry but what is glycol's acid. Obviously its a peel but where do you buy it from. Ime interested! Could you possibly tell me, and what are the benefits etc and also when you used it last what were the results? Sorry i couldn't help you. Can somebody help Katie? :)

    What do you know about glycolic peels?

    i recently had one and now my face has been swollen all day my dermitologist said it was fine... but does any one have any advise or info about it?

    -- thanks :]What do you know about glycolic peels?
    a glycolic peel is usually pretty mild, and should not lead to a swollen face.. but if you didn't apply sunscreen or a protective oil on immediately afterward (and continue to do so) then theres where the damage might've taken place. after any peel or scrub your skin becomes very vulnerable (its like a naked body going out in winter its exposed to all the elements (sun, wind, air pollution etc..) and you need to protect it. natural aloe vera gel can help heal skin immensly after any peel/burn/damage. as can swiping a wet tea bag (green tea works best) over your face a few times a day to reduce inflammation (swollen) and any redness and to speed up healing.What do you know about glycolic peels?
    You must also use a sunscreen no less than spf30+ to make sure you get the best sun protection you can and a mineral based one is advised although anything that strength will do just fine, like you said as long as the skin in protected. Report Abuse

    Have you ever had glycolic acid peels done at the day spa?

    How many treatments did you have done before you noticed results of extra smooth skin? what were ur results? did you like them?Have you ever had glycolic acid peels done at the day spa?
    I LOVED IT!! My skin felt incredible when I was finished. I highly recommend it to you!!!Have you ever had glycolic acid peels done at the day spa?
    I am an Aesthetician and I do glycolic peels at least every other week.I could see results after the first one I got 2 years ago.The cleanser I use also has glycolic in it. I love it.. Report Abuse

    If you want information about my products email me at Report Abuse

    Yes, I noticed the next day a difference. I had one done a couple of weeks ago, it was my first, but I would definitely have another one done.

    Will glycolic acid peels help remove acne scars?

    At home peel, 40% strength.Will glycolic acid peels help remove acne scars?
    For very mild cases, a professionally administered peel might help, but usually dermabrasion or laser resurfacing is recommended. The home remedy kits are not very effective.Will glycolic acid peels help remove acne scars?
    no. You need to go to a medi-spa or a laser center to remove scars.
    The home peels are not designed for that. They will help to slough off the dead skin cells, but for scars you would need to

    seek help from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon

    Glycolic acid peels every night?

    What would happen if you did a glycolic acid peel (35%) every night? Would it damage your skin or help it? On the bottle it says don't use more than 2 times a week, but just wondering.Glycolic acid peels every night?
    You do realize what acid peels do, right? They peel off the top layer of skin. If you use them daily, you are going to peel off all your skin. There IS a reason that package directions state no more than 2 times a really is in your best interest to follow the directions.Glycolic acid peels every night?
    your skin might get extremely irritated and red and itchy. its best you just follow the directions.
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  • Does glycolic peels have good effect on the face?

    yes but it is not very good for the skin, it actually peels off the epidermal layer of your skin and exposes a softer underlying skin to great exposure from the sun , heat and infections, you have to be ver protective for at least a month, so what is the use if you cannot venture outdoors

    Where can i find ';Chemical peels glycolic acid 50%';?

    ebay. They carry a wide variety of aestetician products as this. I tried one and it worked really well. Read and follow directions carefully.Where can i find ';Chemical peels glycolic acid 50%';?

    http://platinumskincare.comWhere can i find ';Chemical peels glycolic acid 50%';?
    Look online (prob ebay), or see your aesthetician.

    Does anyone have an opinion about glycolic face peels?

    I think they are great. They are safer than most other techniques, such as microdermabrasion which can leave scarring if you're not careful. For a nice facial pick me up - shiny renewed skin - glycolic peels are the way to go

    Do Glycolic peels make skin more dull & sensitive?

    Ok my skin is littlie bet sensitive, %26amp; before 3-4 year I got sun burn %26amp; some infection on my face due to this I have uneven pigmentation on my face, my face %26amp; my neck skin is visibly different, so do u think Glycolic peels will help me to clear my completion or it will make my skin more dark.Do Glycolic peels make skin more dull %26amp; sensitive?
    Glycolic will not make your skin more dull or dark, they actually make your skin look brighter and even. It can make your skin more sensitive, though. I suggest you talk to a dermatologist or esthetician or if you are willing try and at home kit because they only allow non professional kits to use glycolic at a 10% rate, which would ideal for your sensitive skin. It will take a bit longer to see results, but you don't want to risk burning your skin. Please follow the directions and if it starts to burn even a little (not tingle, this is normal) use water and a gentle cleanser and rinse it off. If this happens consult a professional and see what they can do for you.

    Good Luck!

    Where can I get Glycolic acid peels in chennai?Can someone help me out?

    I don't know anywhere in Chennai other then maybe a dermatologist. I do know that in the USA it is against the law to sell anything over a 15% glycolic over the counter. Most peels are around 30% to 50%. Also it depends on your age. I wouldn't recommend a glycolic peel to anyone under 25 to 30 years old. If you are younger then that just get a great minimal glycolic scrub and use that around three times a week.

    I have acne scars in my face( not deep).. ( and i have a dark(yello) base skin..i heard glycolic peels and?

    dermabrasion are good scars? any good advice?I have acne scars in my face( not deep).. ( and i have a dark(yello) base skin..i heard glycolic peels and?
    read tips and articles on treating acne and reducing scars on this siteI have acne scars in my face( not deep).. ( and i have a dark(yello) base skin..i heard glycolic peels and?
    If you鈥檙e looking for accurate acne information, best to see a dermatologist. Some people believe doctors are predisposed to take the easy way to deal with acne鈥?prescription drugs. But, with many, this simplistic answer may not be the appropriate course of action. Some feel that such prescription drugs just treat the symposium and not the underlying cause. But, a local dermatologist is still your best starting point.

    For me personally, I discovered a great informational acne treatment site. Not only is there good information/articles but I got their audio e-book and following it鈥檚 advice can now say that my acne is a thing of the past! Keep in mind, were all different and there are various types of acne, so what works for some may not be totally effective for all.

    Bottom line, hang in there, you will get past this! Sincere best wishes and good luck.

    Oh, by the way the site that helped me is:

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  • Does microdermabrasion and or/ glycolic peels for you face hurt?

    Yup! For some people it's only like a rough wash cloth but for others it's like sandpaper. Most microdermabrasion is fine enough to not really bother you much at all but glycolic peel is more intense.Does microdermabrasion and or/ glycolic peels for you face hurt?
    Nope, they don't hurt because they only remove the top layer of the skin, which is made up of dead skin cells, oils and dust.Does microdermabrasion and or/ glycolic peels for you face hurt?
    yes it burns a bit and afterward your face is very dry and itchy
    I've had both, the microdermabrasion isn't painful, but it is uncomfortable, and your face will feel a little raw after wards. I don't like them anymore, it actually damaged my skin, too.

    I had 2 peels and loved them, didn't hurt at all. But the clinician said that some people do say it ';hurts'; a little, more like it stings, but I didn't think so. And what little discomfort I did feel, passed in a matter of seconds. But everyone's different, that's just my personal experience.

    Friday, December 25, 2009

    Do glycolic chemical peels work ?

    i have hyper pigmentation and im worried so im planning to go to a dermatologist ..or should i go to a plastic surgeon ?? i don't know i need help ..ooh n how much does it cost ?Do glycolic chemical peels work ?
    i got my own peels from platinum skincare and use glycolic starting at 30 % and working my way up. the first time i used it i saw an immediate result with pigmentation, and it improves days after. its better to do it on your own because doctors peels are much stronger have more down time and could potentionally damage you worse. i just think slower is safer, and salons %26amp; derms are overpriced

    do not use hydroquinone

    The problem with these creams is that many of them contain a substance called hydroquinone, which a variety of studies have linked to:

    * Increased risk of cancer

    * Increased risk of adrenal gland problems

    * Increased risk of all health conditions associated with mercury poisoning

    * Increased risk of developing a rare metabolic disorder called ochronosis, which can cause physical changes to the skin and tissues surrounding the eyes, ears, and jointsDo glycolic chemical peels work ?
    It depends on what you mean by hyper pigmentation. If you just mean sun damage, then there's over the counter products you can use. Use a mini-peel, like the Philosophy mini-peel pads, or the Avon Anew glycolic peel pads. Then, also use a product with hydroquinone in it and be sure to use sunscreen. I would try these things first before going all out with surgery or a clinical peel. I have some sun damage and these products have made enough difference that you can hardly see it when I wear light makeup and it's not even that bad with no makeup.

    Where can i get glycolic acid peels in India ? Do any vendors sell glycolic acid peels online in India?

    Find very simple tips and remedies for your skin problems,easy to use recipies and face masks for your skin that you can make at home.Get soft,smooth and glowing skin with natural remedies so that you will never need to hide your face with chemical make up!

    I want to do a Glycolic or Chemical Peel to even out my skintone, are there any reliable ';at home'; kits?

    I believe it costs $100 - $200 to have this done at the dermatologist office or at a spa/ medspa. I did do a Google search for ';do it yourself'; peels...but I just don't know what is legit and I am very concerned about buying the wrong product since it is going on my skin! I have acne and sun damage and small lines that I want to I need something that is comparable in strength to what you would get in a spa or doctors office! Thanks!!!!I want to do a Glycolic or Chemical Peel to even out my skintone, are there any reliable ';at home'; kits?
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion kit.

    After just one use my skin was like a babies butt. Soft, smooth, radiant and glowing.

    After a few uses I noticed that my hyperpigmentation from old acne on my one cheek has been reduced significantly. It has also cleared up my acne, and kept my face very moisturized. (It really used to flake and peel a lot.)

    The only thing I don't like is how they try to make you use the stuff quickly so you'll have to run out and buy more fairly quickly. The box directions say to use this peel twice a week. Just as an experiment I used it for two weeks 2x per week. I thought perhaps this stuff was probably not as strong as the stuff they use at the dermatologist and that's why they said use it twice.

    Well after the second week of me using it a total of four times, it made the corners of my lips SO dry that they actually split and cracked and formed scabs. I think this stuff is VERY comparable to the products used at a dermatologist and I would not recommend using this product more than once every two weeks! My acne has been gone for a while now and it's still smooth!

    It's a great product. Along with this kit I also use the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum. I use this everyday. It is a bit pricy, I think $24 for a bottle but it has lasted me a few months now and I used it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

    I believe it has been both products used together that has helped my face tremendously. My pore size has decreased dramatically to the point I can't see them unless I'm really looking up close in a mirror, the blackheads that used to be on my nose, chin and cheeks are almost entirely gone.

    And the best thing about it is the price (what a steal!) and that it takes literally 2 minutes to do the whole system!

    Give it a try! Links below to the products I use. (also check out the reviews there too.)I want to do a Glycolic or Chemical Peel to even out my skintone, are there any reliable ';at home'; kits?
    LOL I Bought a TCA Peel the other Day off the internet and i Have it on my Face right Now... It Suppose to peel my Skin but if It doesn't IM Going to buy another one Probably A Higher % but there Really Easy to Do and cost way Less then the Dermatologist IM getting Another On the FIRST because my Skin is so Uneven to But do u live in the USA Because heres the site i got mine from鈥?/a>鈥?/a> those are Great sites

    call them and tell them your Skin problem and they Will tell u Which One u need

    Microdermabrasion and glycolic peels?

    WHere can i buy microdermabrasion and glycolic peels?Microdermabrasion and glycolic peels?
    Loreal has a glycolic peel set for around $25. Neutrogena has a microdermabrasion set as well for around $35. A little pricey, but it's worth it!Microdermabrasion and glycolic peels?
    There are many at home M/D and peels out there.. None are as effective at professional ones. One good one is the Olay M/D peel combo its a vit C one
    I don鈥檛 think micro derms can be purchased but you can get them done at a lot of beauty salons that鈥檚 where I get them done.

    Should I consider getting a glycolic acid peel?

    My skin type: Oily, acne prone, somewhat sensitive

    My regimen: Wash, toner, and thoroughly moisturize twice a day. I use a mask/scrub 2-3 times a week. Most of my products are from Clinique.

    My problem: Continual buildup of dead cells that flake off in very large ';sheets';. No matter how much I exfoliate my skin is still flaky, which is strange because I have oily skin.

    Why I'm thinking of getting a peel: to help remove the top dead layers so my acne treatments can work better, as well as have smoother skin.

    Why I'm thinking of NOT getting one: My skin is still ';virgin.'; I haven't had many extremely harsh products on my skin and I'm worried that I'm too young to start damaging my skin (i'm 17.)

    What do you think?

    The product I was considering buying is the Clinique turnaround radiance peel.Should I consider getting a glycolic acid peel?
    You are way too young to be considering a peel. If you are concerned with a build up of dead skin, go to a dermatologist %26amp; get microdermabrasion. What it is, is a small light sandpaper like circular shape that they rotate around to lift the dead cells %26amp; it has a small vacuum (like the suction thing at a dentist) %26amp; it sucks up all the dead cells %26amp; unclogs your pores.

    It will be the best thing for your skin type %26amp; age.Should I consider getting a glycolic acid peel?
    Absolutely not! You still have baby skin, no matter problems or not! Do not do anyting that drastic.

    You are over doing your face with too much regimine. Try water and a very soft cloth for the next few weeks and forget all the cleaners, scrubs, and toners!

    There is such a thing as overdoing it, and you definately are! Everyone is diferent, and there are people that do that weekly and it does their skin good, your problems are over doing the stripping. Let your skin breath for a while, let nature do its thing, let natural oils soften and nurish that skin all on its own.

    When, *if, you go back to a regime, change brands. The stripping of sheets of skin is a reaction to one of the things, so start new and see what happens after a few day or weeks, you may see improvment or not. Id start slowly though.

    You are listing to too many commercials, or too many friends or sales people.

    I hope you take this advice, you most likely see an improvment to your skin, its pretty damaged right now, and all those chems and scrubs are the reason!
    it sounds like your skin has acclimated to the extensive regimen of many additives, which is to say that ';cleansing'; it by purifying it with dry product and adding less natural moisturizers is causing it to compensate for the fluctuation by flaking and producing excess oils. at 17 (i'm 23 now) my skin was more oily as well, and now can be dry, like perhaps yours is (though i don't flake in sheets).

    i suggest more intensive treatments like the clinique product or even a professional peel only after you relegate your skin care techniques to more...subtle activity. since you're at an age metabolically speaking where your body chemistry is making your skin all crazy, it might be more prudent to go back to basics first. an oil free face wash, like a clean %26amp; clear morning burst or something more expensive if you prefer. it's doubly effective as a cleanser and eliminates the harsh astringency of a toner, which i don't suggest trying to acclimate to at your body's age. then, before bed, you can use a small dollop of vaseline, rub it between your palms to soften it, and smear a thin layer over your face. it's cheap cheap CHEAP and is my secret miracle ingredient, it won't clog your pores at all. this will keep your skin from flaking and stabilize your moisture levels. other than that, also ';de-frequent'; how often you exfoliate and mask, maybe once a weekish? this will also help stabilize your conflicting skin issues, as it is possible to do these things waaaay too much.

    regardless, if your skin battles the simplicity, nothing's wrong with a glycolic sugar peel for normal skin. i'd wait for the ultimate last resort if your skin is as sensitive as you say it is, though, no good can come of putting it through too much

    good luck
    That peel is very harsh. I love Clinique and have used it for many years. Yet, I couldn't handle the peel. It left my skin dry and felt it did nothing for my skin.

    Have you considered Total Turnaround Concentrate, also by Clinique. This is a serum based time-released exfoliator that approves the tone and texture of skin overtime. It is excellent!

    Also try Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief. This most definitely helps with flakes, and is a gel so you can use it on top of anything, even makeup.

    I also put Jojoba oil in my moisturizer. Yes, it is called an oil, but is really a wax. It is the closest thing to our natural sebum and really helps with dryness as well as skin clarity.

    Go to a dermatologist and they will help you find a solution without having to get a peel.

    Check out Olay, too. Their regenerist line I heard is wonderful and there may be products for you. My sister loves this line.
    I've been in that situation and there is really nothing you can do about it. There are things you can do to try to reduce the blemishes and get rid of acne/pimples temporarily but you will always be finding yourself cleaning your face or your body depending on where it's at.

    I mean of course your acne should go away eventually but for some this is the case their whole life.

    I'm 29 years old and have been suffering from these little pests since I was a teenager. I tried all sorts of face washes from the local grocery store and what not, but nothing seemed to work. If anything it would just make my skin dry and itchy.

    Literally the best acne face wash I've ever used has been this stuff called clearpores. It has got rid of the acne to quickest and has been a success ever since I got it. It's unique cause of it's herbal supplement you take a long with it that helps your skin from the inside out. I saved money on it at skincleansingsystem dot com at the time which was helpful.

    You should really look into this stuff and if you can to assure the best results, get the 3 month supply because if it doesn't work it will still save you butt on the return policy.

    Well good luck and best wishes.
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  • Glycolic acid facial peel?

    What is it? What does it do?Glycolic acid facial peel?
    glycolic acid is an exfoliator/peeler of dead dull skin layers

    to resurface a fresher lightened skin tone;

    this procedure is usually opted by those with acne and

    for skin lightening too. :-)Glycolic acid facial peel?
    points :]

    Okay, how does this glycolic acid 30% skin peel work? My gf just bought one from the internet...?

    but we're too scared to try it on...

    anyway... it comes with a brush, a bottle of acid, and instruction saying that we have to have sodium bicarb to rinse the acid away...

    Is it safe? Do we have to dilute the acid more? with water? distilled wwater? I browse the internet... and found some horrible testimonials after using at home glycolic acid treatment...

    What is the safest level of glycolic acid? Where it won't burn your skin?Okay, how does this glycolic acid 30% skin peel work? My gf just bought one from the internet...?
    OK, don't be scared to try it on, just be sure that you don't have sensitive skin, if you do i recommend not to start with a 30% level glycol, start at a 12% and work your way up. Try it on a small patch of skin for about 1 hour. you may find it does sting once you put it on, but that's normal and it will subside %26amp; wont happen once your skin is used to the product. The stinging is due to polution and environomental factors that occure on the skin, so dont be worried, its just the acid working and gently exfoliating you skin. If you do fine it makes your skin irritated or red you can put it on your face for 1minute and wash it off as a mini mask, and you will have the same exfoliating effect as if it has been on all day and night.

    Note: Night time is the best time to use it, as skin is awake from 11pm on.

    But if you are using it during the day remember an SPF of 30+ and try to stay out of direct sun light.

    Dont dilute it with water......

    good luck.Okay, how does this glycolic acid 30% skin peel work? My gf just bought one from the internet...?
    I've only used 20% but it doesn't dry me out at all and I put it on repeatedly without a worry. Give it a test but not on your face. I love my glycolic acid lotion (Aqua Glycolic) don't worry.
    Yes, it is pretty safe. It will probably sting/burn a bit and you might be red afterwards.

    You can dilute the acid with distilled water if you want to and I wouldn't leave it on for more than 2-5 minutes, as this is your first time. Cleanse the face first and then just apply a few drops of acid with a cotton ball or pad.

    You do need the bi-carb to neutralise the acid. You just mix some in a cup of water and apply it all over. This will probably be quite uncomfortable and may fizz lol. Afterwards just rinse with a cleanser and then apply a hydrating moisturizer or occlusive dressing.

    This is a pretty safe level for a peel. Good luck : )

    How effective are glycolic peels?

    ... at what?

    Glycolic peels are great for smoothing sun damaged skin.

    But you can smooth sun damaged skin by buying a lotion that contains 8% glycolic acid (AHA) and applying it once a day at home. It will take a few weeks of diligent use before the full effect is achieved. More info on how to do this here:鈥?/a>

    Either way, wear sun screen after the peel or while you're using glycolic acid at home -- you will be more prone to burns.How effective are glycolic peels?
    the stuff works miracles!!!!You will see significant results after the first treatment.Avoid the sun!!!

    What is better to use for adult acne that is beginning to scar, the salicylic acid peels or the glycolic acid?

    I am 30 with adult acne on my cheeks. When younger it was on my t-zone but now mostly on my cheeks and beginning to scar. I have been on accutane before. Cleared it up but it's back in different location.

    I am currently using combo of dial soap, tri-derma intense fast healing in morning and acnexus and benzaclin at night.What is better to use for adult acne that is beginning to scar, the salicylic acid peels or the glycolic acid?
    The best way in treating pimples and acne is to use benzoyl peroxide 5% gel (available at your local drug store) to the involved areas at night and NeoStrata alpha hydroxyacid in the morning (without using prescription medication). Some people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide. A product named Tend Skin is an effective acne treatment. Another advice is to wash your face twice a day with a mild non-soap cleanser. Do not pick or squeeze your pimples, as it can leave scars. Acne surgery can be done using sterile instruments to remove blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

    Hope this helps you! Good Luck!What is better to use for adult acne that is beginning to scar, the salicylic acid peels or the glycolic acid?
    drink lots of water. try acne free works great try using futur e by loreal as a mousterizer amazing stuff
    I would prefer using salicylic acid rather than glycolic acid because it is not as aggressive. I had used both salicylic acid and glycolic acid peels before. I wished my facial lady had not use glycolic acid because my skin conditon got worst over time. It was good for the first year, but now my skin lost the shiny elastic layer. I would suggest talking to your dermatologist for an accurate skin analyst (and make sure you are not allergic to any type of acids) before trying out the peel, just to be safe.
    When one has acne, there is a problem in the breakdown of what is going on inside your gut. It comes out through your skin. Try a simple liver detox, go get evaluated by a naprapath or a chiropractor. If you have a holistic M.D. you can visit or a nutritionist and they can help you with this. It could be a simple zinc deficiency. Find out why the problem is there by a professional and for the love of your self, do not take anti-biotics for this. I developed chronic fatigue from taking anti-biotics for a 6 week period. I have never been the same since and it has been about 20 years. It destroyed all the good bacteria in my gut and that is how most people run into situations like this in the first place! AHHHH!
    I feel your pain!!!! I'm a good looking 30 year old woman with the acne of a teenager. I have tried just about everything. The only thing that has worked so far is a microdermabrasion cloth that I got off of eBay. I only use cold water with it being that cold water will help to close pores and the mirodermabrasion cloth will remove the dead cells that are blocking the bacteria in. I have found that just water and the cloth are way better than any chemical I have ever tried. I hope this works for you too. I am including the web page for the cloth that I use. Good luck!鈥?/a>

    Click on that or copy past that into your search browser.

    Should I experience any itching or peeling when using glycolic acid?

    I've done repeated applications of 50% glycolic acid peel which I bought on Amazon from Perfect Peel Solutions. I applied the solution to my face and certain areas on my legs but I have never experienced any burning sensation (except for a slight itch when applied to forehead) or any peeling afterwards although these reactions have been experienced by other reviewers of the product. Should I switch to a 75% solution? Has anyone had similar issues? Some helpful advice would be appreciated.Should I experience any itching or peeling when using glycolic acid?
    yes ,its normal.Should I experience any itching or peeling when using glycolic acid?
    ooo, you should not have bought it off amazon check with a pharmacist next time and read the label

    Should I consider getting a glycolic acid peel?

    My skin type: Oily, acne prone, somewhat sensitive

    My regimen: Wash, toner, and thoroughly moisturize twice a day. I use a mask/scrub 2-3 times a week. Most of my products are from Clinique.

    My problem: Continual buildup of dead cells that flake off in very large ';sheets';. No matter how much I exfoliate my skin is still flaky, which is strange because I have oily skin.

    Why I'm thinking of getting a peel: to help remove the top dead layers so my acne treatments can work better, as well as have smoother skin.

    Why I'm thinking of NOT getting one: My skin is still ';virgin.'; I haven't had many extremely harsh products on my skin and I'm worried that I'm too young to start damaging my skin (i'm 17.)

    What do you think?

    The product I was considering buying is the Clinique turnaround radiance peel.Should I consider getting a glycolic acid peel?
    Get your skin ph balanced. Get unpasteurized Apple cider vinegar at the store( Bragg's kind, usually in the health food part). put it in the small container. 50% Acv and 50% distilled water. after cleansing with a mild facial soap use this as a toner. Nothing else for a week. If that is too strong add more distilled water. After 7 days, it will balance your face and gently exfoliate your dead skin cells. Look for healthier ways to clear up your acne. Expensive products don't always mean better. Google ';naturally acne fighters'; . Even strawberries and pineapple have enzymes that can slough off dead skin cells. At 17, be sure to drink lots of water. Acne can be an indicator off something out of balance on the inside of your body as well. Be gentle to your skin. Try the ACV for a week, try to drink a gallon of water a day for the same week and then evaluate from there. Acv has helped my skin tremendously. Also if you have an indian stores near by, make a face mask of powdered neem leaves and water. The box sells for no more than 3 dollars. Neem is a naturally anti bacterial. Google it. Hope this helps.
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  • Help. i had a glycolic acid peel.?

    my skin is not red anymore but i got scabs in the area where the aesthetician did some extraction. this is the 2nd day since the glycolic acid peel. i dont know what to do. pls help me. im freaking out. i dont know if scabs is normal from chemical peel.Help. i had a glycolic acid peel.?
    A glycolic peal is a serious thing. It can take up to three weeks to heal, depending on how strong the treatment was. Don't freak out, and don't pick at it or anything. Didn't they give you any information or instructions? Or any cream to put on your skin. I think if the redness is gone in just one day you're going to be OK. But give it time.

    I'm 29 and am starting to notice fine lines around my eyes and forehead. Will facials or glycolic peels help?

    Any advice on what I should be doing to eliminate or reduce them and prevent them from worsening? I think I have combination skin. Any products or procedures you'd recommend?I'm 29 and am starting to notice fine lines around my eyes and forehead. Will facials or glycolic peels help?
    Go to and do their skin evaluation. Once you do that you'll know your skin type and they will mark which products are right for your skin type and thats key to taking care of your skin.

    I did it, and ordered one of their signature lines, the 1-2-3 set, it costs $48.50 and you get a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Its a wonderful little set, I love how it works.

    I also recommend getting a Clarisonic MD Facial brush. You wouldnt believe the results from using that thing! You can check them out at

    Besides all that, you could go and see a dermatologist and inquire about a silk peel, it gives you the same effects as a chem peel but its less invasive and much more enjoyable process, LOL!

    Good luck to you!I'm 29 and am starting to notice fine lines around my eyes and forehead. Will facials or glycolic peels help?
    For around your eyes, and this will sound weird, at night when you go to bed, apply vasaline to your eyelids and around your eyes. This will help keep them moisturized and smooth. Also, and this is silly, sleeping on your back is one of the things you can do to help with wrinkles. I learned this from an estitition.

    Professional glycolic acid peel--at home?

    I recently found out that professional-grade (or so it says) acid peels are available for home use, and after ready many, many reviews of people doing it on their own, I've decided that I'd like to try it for myself (since professional peels just aren't practical for my college student lifestyle). Are there any skincare professionals or people who have used home peels such as;s=hpc%26amp;qid=1201193921%26amp;sr=8-2 who can tell me how to go about it, and any other product I might need? I've heard a few things about neutralizing the skin afterwards--some people say to do it with water, and some say that you need to buy an actual neutralizer. Can anyone point me in the right direction with this?Professional glycolic acid peel--at home?
    I have also recently started to use glycolic peels and I am seeing a benefit in my skin. I think the best lines are Glytone, you can buy from, abit expensive but you are assured they are only used by dermatologists so you know you are getting the good stuff. I bought a cheap peel of ebay and use baking soda to neutralize it afterwards because if I'd have just used water my skin would itch afterwards. I also know that with glytone peel pads you get a neutralizer so I am sure you need it for all peels.

    For your body the glytone KP kit is excellent, comes with body wash and lotion. you might feel abit of stinging at first but it was the best product iv ever used, I tryed it at my laser clinic in Leeds, UK, since then I have bought from them or online.

    60% Glycolic Acid Peel ?

    Is it safe to do a 60% glycolic acid peel once a week?

    I've had severe acne for a while and recently (a few months ago), I started doing these peels at home. I've had them done before dozens of times at the derm (40-50%), but I got sick of going so I bought the solution from licensed companies online and carry out the procedure myself. I follow all the steps and precautions...and I see little improvement over time, so I am thinking about stepping it up.

    After the peel my skin is dry and looks good, but then a few days later, it slowly returns back to each oily state. I'm thinking if I do them once a week, I'll control my oily skin and will be free of breakouts??

    Thank you in advance!60% Glycolic Acid Peel ?
    Glycolic facial acid peels are good once a week. The oils on your face is caused by replenishment of facial cells, meaning your epidermis is acting like it's injured. As it result, it becomes oily.

    What I use is a facial scrub sponge and and paraben free lavender soap or Oil of Olay facial cleanser. Afterwards, I apply a light facial moisturizer, a dab on a finger and rub it between my palms and apply to face in a circular motion. Once a week I use a mud mask to clear off the impurities.

    For best results drink plentiful amounts of water to keep your skin hydrated.

    I hope this information is sufficient enough.

    Glycolic Acid Peel....?

    I have quite a few post acne marks (red spots) all over my face, so I have been using a 30% glycolic acid peel, It does work to get rid of the spots, but a day or so after the peel I feel bumps under the skin (new pimples forming) I can't use any acne medication though cause of the sensitive skin. I only apply hyaluronic acid moisturizer (non comedogenic). The new pimples leave new red spots, so it's a a pointless process... has anyone else experienced this, if so how did you get around it? Will taking antiboitics help until my skin heals so that I can use a cleanser/acne medication again to prevent new breakouts?Glycolic Acid Peel....?
    try steaming your face as it unblocks the pores and will give u spot free it every day for about 3-4 mins

    How good is the glycolic peeling and wat is the cost involved?

    Glycolic peeling is a form of facial treatment and it's one of the lightest, most gentlest ones available. It's fairly effective for mild wrinkles, dryness, uneven pigmentation and acne. It's nice because it doesn't leave you burned and uncomfortable from the acid afterwards. They usually run about 125-175$ for a face treatment, and into the 200$ range to include your back and chest.
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  • Glycolic acid peel - help!!?


    We bought a 35% glycolic acid solution coz they said it will help with strong exfoliation of skin. we tried it once on the face but it left some open sours and tiny bleeds - like the one;s u have when u scratch too hard.

    does this mean were allergic to it were leaving it on too long??

    the pack says 3 to 4 mins then wash - thats what we did...Glycolic acid peel - help!!?
    I have used Glycolic Acid with various concentrations from 5%, 8%, 15% all the way up to 20%. That's not an allergic reaction you have there. It's simply because 35% is way too strong. Even 20% concentration of glycolic acid for the body already can burn your skin on contact, but a 35% concentration left on for 3-4 minutes can literally rip layers of your skin off immediately. Such a high concentration % is not recommended to be used on the face, where skin is more delicate than the rest of the body.

    If you are using it for the purpose of exfoliation, try the 5% or 8% with a pH balance of between 3 to 4 instead. Any less % concentration----or with a lower or higher pH number than 3 or 4----it is not effective enough. Any higher % concentration, it can be too harsh. If you want a really strong exfoliation, 15% concentration is the MAX I would recommend for the face if you don't have sensitive skin.

    Here's Cosmetic Cop, Paula Begoun's formulation of 8% Glycolic Acid:鈥?/a>

    For now, completely stop using the 35% and wait a few days for your skin to return to normal. Be super gentle in your daily washing routine and skip the toner, as using the cotton balls to rub your skin will only aggravate it further----even if it's a ';Gentle Toner.'; A good face wash should be able to take everything off in 1-step wash, eliminating the need for toners. Wear a sunscreen that's designed for sensitive skin, as your skin is super sun-sensitive right now, from the Glycolic Acid burn. Regardless of whether the sunscreen label says ';Sensitive Skin'; or not, just look at the ingredient label that excludes Avobenzone (aka Parsol) %26amp; Paraben (or any chemical name that are _____-paraben), as well as Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (aka PABA), all of which are skin irritants to sensitive skin or skin that is already burned (either from excessive sun exposure or applying harsh chemicals to the face). Instead, look for Active Ingredient: Titanium Dioxide 9.1% (the higher the % of any active ingredient, the higher the SPF = more protection).

    If your skin is just red and sore, treat it as you normally would with sunburn: apply Aloe Vera for pain relief. Apply it carefully on the face so that it doesn't come in contact with the tiny bleeds. However, I am concerned about the ';tiny bleeds'; that are too sensitive even for touch. So for now, skip the makeup application for a few days, too, as the chemicals in makeup formulations will irritate your skin even further. For those kind of bleeds, I would treat it as ';cuts'; and ';abrasions'; by applying an OTC Antibiotic Ointment With Pain Relief on those specific bleeding spots.

    After a few days, your skin will start peeling off, but don't use any ';microbeads'; to roughly slough off the burnt skin, as that will HURT. Instead, use your fingernails to VEEEERY GENTLY, MANUALLY scratch the skin (use the same scratch pressure you would use on a newborn baby's skin) %26amp; peel off the skin piece by piece. You might need to repeat this ';manual peeling'; process a few times until all the dead skin is sloughed off. After everything is thoroughly sloughed off and your face will feel baby smooth, your face will still have a slight burn sensation. After you reach this stage, where the tiny bleeds are healed, too, it is safe to apply the Aloe Vera all over your face for pain relief.

    Now if your condition doesn't improve within 7 days of daily application of Aloe Vera and Antibiotic Ointment Pain Relief, you should see a physician (as opposed to seeing a dermatologist directly, which medical insurances might not cover). If the physician gives you an official referral to see a dermatologist, then the insurance will have to pay for it per doc's order. That's how you must work around the loophole when certain services that are not covered by medical insurance companies. But still, the most cost efficient way to take care of this is to try the home remedy of Aloe Vera for the burn pain relief and the Antibiotic Ointment with Pain Relief for the tiny bleed doc visits charge $20-$30 copay now. If you still don't improve, then go see a Primary Care Physician for remedy. If she can't do much for you, then ask for a referral to see a specialist (= dermatologist).

    So just give your face a rest for a few days to heal and you should get better. Best wishes. And take care.Glycolic acid peel - help!!?
    Girlfriend, that is a really stong concentration! I would get into the dermatologist ASAP. You could end up with irregular pigmentation or even scars! Don't mess around with the skin on your face. It is the first thing that people will see when they meet you!

    Best Bet - cool water rinses every 2-4 hours (or as needed) followed by applying some Aquaphor healing ointment until you get into the doc's office.

    Acne glycolic acid peel?

    I have moderately bad acne. It's a lot better than it used to be, but it's still there. My mom the other day (I'm a16 year old male btw) was talking to a friend of hers who works at a salon that does facials and all those kind of things. and my mom told her about my acne problem, the lady said she could do a ';glycolic acid peel'; that would remove most acne and most acne scars. and mostly the only thing wrong with my face now is the scarring from previous acne, so this sounded like a darn good idea to me. I did a little research on the topic and well it said that the only downside to the facial peel is the fact that it can leave redness of the skin for a few days afterwords. Well I'm thinking about getting this done on Saturday, and Sunday is me and my girlfriend's 1 month anniversary (haha) and she is leaving for Jersey for 3 weeks after Sunday... and of course I want to look my best... if I get this treatment done on Saturday will my face look like utter crap the next day??Acne glycolic acid peel?
    If I was you, I would wait tell she is gone to have it done. The redness could last for awhile till your new skin grows back.

    Just make sure that this lady really knows what she is doing.

    If you have it done, good luck.Acne glycolic acid peel?

    I have found these information which may help you:

    What will my skin feel like after a chemical peel?

    The state of your skin after a peel depends on what kind of peel you had. The superficial peels have limited effects, the medium peels may cause some redness and the deeper peels may require weeks to recover.

    If you鈥檝e had a phenol peel, your face may become quite swollen. Your eyes may even be swollen shut temporarily. You will need someone to help care for you for a day or two. You may also be limited to a liquid diet and advised not to talk very much during the first few days of recovery.

    Help! Red spot due to glycolic face peel!?

    I have a large red spot on my face with minimal burning. I have just used the slin labrotory gel peel and it has left a large mark around near my mouth. The spot is red somewhat large, yet not very painful. Should I be worried?Help! Red spot due to glycolic face peel!?
    I dont think you should worry. My mom has glycolic peels from the salon she used to work at and you usually apply them and use a fan brush cause they cause irritation to some peoples skin.

    Good luck with that tho :))

    Glycolic face peel?

    i have been using a no 7 glycolic face peel and although it seems to make my skin softer it doesn't seem to do anything else. i have seen gycolic acid peels on the internet for sale are they safe? and what is the % mean? what do i need to start with?Glycolic face peel?
    I have been using Avon 2 step peel. At first I was leaving it on for 5 mins as the product is meant to be used, it says every other day and i have been using it every night. This is my second week and I have been leaving it on for 10min instead of 5. my pores are definitely shrinking but bearing in mind its only 2% which I believe is slightly milder than the No 7 one, which I also tried but as you said, didnt see much progress in the 3 times I used it. I believe the best thing to do would be to try these pads first then maybe after that, get a stronger peel so the process would be gradual and there would be less chance of aggrivating the skin or causing irritation and discomfort, because glycolic acid is available from 2% to 70% and its not much having burned skin on your face

    Best of luck

    ToushkaGlycolic face peel?
    A peel solution of 35%, 50%, or 70% Glycolic Acid not only works on the superficial layer of the skin but also penetrates into the active live epidermis causing skin to smoothen and

    brighten in appearence. Maintenance with glycolic acid cream is important as this causes the skin to remain smooth and moist between treatments.
    my mom is a cosmotoligest and well those dont work
    I wouldn't mess around with anything like that Go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon and let them do it safely.

    Has anybody had Glycolic skin peels or any acne treatments?

    Just looking at sk:n website and they have a range of treatments available for blemishes and acne.

    I have some scarring on my face from acne and want to get rid! so just wondered if anyone had success with anything...thanks!Has anybody had Glycolic skin peels or any acne treatments?
    Yes I do mine myself its great and leave skin fabulousHas anybody had Glycolic skin peels or any acne treatments?
    Before go any where you can try my Home made remedy :-

    1)Cook oatmeal and apply on face for fifteen minutes and wash.

    2) Make a warm bath with blanch of nettle and rosemary.

    3) Apply equal amount of lemon juice and rose water with a cotton ball and wash it after haif an hour for 15 to 20 days.

    For dozens of more ways, prevention, types and reasons check

    I had some dry skin on my forehead, i used oilatum plus, it`s a clear fluid, you put a capful in the bath and it turns the water milky!, it`s really good and cleared up my dry skin in about a week. good luck.
    whatever you do, don't do it yourself. Consult a dermatologist. It is highly unlikely that any products you can buy yourself will have strong enough chemicals in there to treat your skin.
    Glycolic Acid is perfect for that type of skin ailment. The trick is to keep your face clean and drink plenty of fresh water. Buy a kit made just for Acne because it should be oil free.
    Arbonne is the best I have ever tried - I would use their rejuvenating cream too on any scarring. All products have 45 day money back guarantee. You can order online or through a local consultant.
    Be REALLY REALLY careful.

    Glycollic acid is the major constituent of perm lotion!!!!!!!!!! Think how much stronger hair is than skin.

    Avon Glycolic acid peel?

    how much is this? Where can i get it? and how good does it work?Avon Glycolic acid peel?
    You mean the ANEW Retexturizing Peel? This is made with glycolic acid. This is the only AVON product that I know of that is made of glycolic acid. It costs $25 dollars for 30 pads. So it's a months supply. You use one a day. I haven't personally used it, but my mom has and loved it. You can buy it from my website. If you have anymore questions email me.
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  • Are glycolic peels supposed to have other ingredients?

    this peel i bought off ebay says : glycolic acid, deionized water, glycerin, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, citric acid.

    i thought it is meant to be pure 30% acid? was i ripped off?Are glycolic peels supposed to have other ingredients?
    Everything you buy these days are filled with extra ingredients.

    It seems the ingredients in your peel are not all that extra though.

    You definately were not ripped off. Things must be added to protect your skin, and just for production.

    Has anyone used the No.7 Glycolic Acid Peel?

    Is it effective in reducing pigmentation marks and blemishes?Has anyone used the No.7 Glycolic Acid Peel?
    hi, I like your avartar, he looks so puffy and cute! but well, I don't know No.7 Glycolic acid peel. I never used it but I wanted to suggest you the nordic skin peel of skyn Iceland. its expensive but very well, cool off the skin, giving the balance to the skin and cure all problems about acnes, pigmentation marks and acnes blemish.Has anyone used the No.7 Glycolic Acid Peel?
    Yes it's good but only after around the 3rd time you use it. The first couple of times it can cause skin to break out and get a bit irritated - this is normal when you first start to use any glycolic acid product. The longer term results are good but I wouldn't advise using it just before a special occasion.

    Well, i havent used the No 7 One, but i use Glycolic acid peel and it works, but you have to keep on applying it like weekly but i do it once a month. It improves the skin layer and reveals newer skin takes all the dead skin away. i use the moisturiser and also the night cream.

    Hope i helped you out.
    I tried it but because i have quite sensible skin its not really suitablefor me. I think its always hard to answer questions like this as everybody reacts different. Why dont you go to Boots and ask if they have some samples for you? You might be lucky
    no but i have used one from arbonne and it was fantastic try look under the re9 section
    well i bought it but after reading the information leaflet it totally put me off loads of warnings x

    Skin resurfacing - I have tried chemical peel, IPL, glycolic, laser, AHA. I have acne scars, chicken pox scars

    Nothing seems very effective. Has anyone tried Green Peel or fraxal for deep scars like chicken pox?Skin resurfacing - I have tried chemical peel, IPL, glycolic, laser, AHA. I have acne scars, chicken pox scars
    Mary Kay?? How can anyone think of a Mary Kay product working after having all those other procedures done?? LOL

    The next step up would be to have a Jessner ';hot peel'; which is very deep and I've seen amazing results. If that is STILL not enough, you must consult a dermatologist and have Dermabrasion - that's WAYYYY deeper than microdermabrasion. It's incredibly effective, but you must be warned that it can take several weeks to heal. I never recommend that anyone have Dermabrasion during very hot weather - if you sweat it can really irritate healing skin.

    Restylane is another option - injections plump out the skin, reducing the appearance of scars and/or wrinkles and could be a good thing to try. Be warned that this is NOT permanent and you may need more injections as soon as four months after the last treatment. Best of luck!Skin resurfacing - I have tried chemical peel, IPL, glycolic, laser, AHA. I have acne scars, chicken pox scars
    Besides getting an electrical peel- the mary kay microderm abrasion set is the best i've ever tried. It's strong enough, %26amp; rough enough crystals, to get down in there, it may leave you red if you get rough w/it so stay out of direct sunlight w/out sunscreen.

    An electronic peel , done in dr's office is going to leave you red too. according to how deep they go. It may take several trips to get it how you want to look, so be patient, as it takes a while to heal after either of these ways used .
    I have tried just about as much as you have. I even tried fraxel. It didnt work. I wasted 3,000 dollars! :-(
    I think scars can be hard to fade. But I have some dark acne scars and my friend recommended me this skin lightening as I am running out with budget. This consist of soap, lotion and cream and very effective. I bought mine on Ebay. Take a look, who knows...

    Glycolic Acid Peel? Microdermabrasion? ?

    I am 17. I am going to an event in a month and for the past month or so I have been breaking out like crazy on my chin. All my skin is clear except for that on my chin which has mounds of acne on it. To be frank it's probably a 7 on a scale of 10. Anyways, would a Glycolic Acid Peel or Microdermabrasion clear up the acne and dry skin? What do they do? I've tried EVERYTHING!Glycolic Acid Peel? Microdermabrasion? ?
    a microderm might actually make things worse. I'd check with a dermatologist to see what can be done for it

    What is the solvent of glycolic acid, so that a light glycolic acid chemical peel can be made ?

    I am not sure but I know mixing copper peptide with it helps with stimulating faster.

    How many glycolic peels will i need to have done before i will notice my end result?

    You may not actually see any results. But in general one to four weeks.How many glycolic peels will i need to have done before i will notice my end result?
    you need atleast 5 peels before u see good results
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  • Has anyone used the No.7 Glycolic Acid Peel?

    Is it effective in reducing pigmentation marks and blemishes?Has anyone used the No.7 Glycolic Acid Peel?
    It's a bad idea, trust me. I have spent a fortune on beauty products, and I came to the conclusion (after reading recent clinical studies) that over time they can actually accelerate the ageing process. Acid peels, and particularly fruit enzymes can destroy and break down the skin over time. Your body naturally will rid itself of unwanted dead skin cells. If you really must insist on exfoliating etc then don't do it more than twice a month, DESPITE what Estee Lauder, No.7, etc tell you. They just want to sell their product. Just have a good skin care regime, cleanse morning and night, use a nice moisturiser and a good sun block, the rest is of no use.

    It will neither help with pigmentation or blemishes either. Try Dr Hauska's products or Dermalogica, Dr Hauska's products are very natural and non- abrasive.Has anyone used the No.7 Glycolic Acid Peel?
    Apparently not.

    Home peeling kit (glycolic /lactic acid peel) 30%?

    Can somebody help me where or what brand for this peeling kit available in singapore? i used loreal and lancome before but done nothing for my brown acne scar.go to clinic or doctor not my choice. Anybrand /price will do as long no need credit card to buy it. thanksHome peeling kit (glycolic /lactic acid peel) 30%?
    i heard that Avon has a new facial peel product, 35% glycolic acid, the reviews looks good, you use it about 3 times a week for 2-3 months, its only 25$, i saw it on their website, but chech a store in ur area that sells avon products and see if its available.

    Has anyone tried glycolic acid peels? Did they work for you?

    I';m getting them for scares and was wondering if anyone else has had sucess with it.Has anyone tried glycolic acid peels? Did they work for you?
    I have used the glycolic acid peels that are sold at drug stores and they have really worked for me. There is a product that Avon sells its glycolic acid pads and they also really work.Has anyone tried glycolic acid peels? Did they work for you?
    I had about 2 or 3 at the dermatologist a few years ago for acne scarring and they did help some but what helped the most was micro dermabrasion.

    My dermatologist recomended glycolic peels for my skin, can I do this safely at home?

    She wants to do them in her office, starting light 20 (cc?; mg?) then 40, then 60 every 2 weeks for acne scarring. Thing is it's gonna cost $100 or more each time! Can I do it at home (safely) and save money? What product should I use? Any suggestions?My dermatologist recomended glycolic peels for my skin, can I do this safely at home?
    i have had acne scarring and i found a great product that works from the inside out... i also know of a peel that is good if you want dramatic results. you cant get the same peel quality as a office visit at home. how bad is your acne scarring? email me at

    Help for glycolic acid peel?

    i want to make glycolic acid peel can any one help which other things have to mix with glycolic acid to make it quick dry when it put on face?i will be thanksfull.Help for glycolic acid peel?
    You'll be sorry you tried this. Acid on the skin can be harmful and you can permanently damage your skin.

    My advice is to go to a high-end department store. They have a few products what are ready to use.

    They cost a lot but they're much safer than what you want to try.Help for glycolic acid peel?
    you can buy glycolic acid peel off the internet for really cheap off of Report Abuse

    I'm not sure what you mean ...

    but if you already have a bottle of glycolic acid, you mix it with water -- just regular water. How much water depends on the pH of the acid and essentially, how strong you want it to be. Time factor is very important too. How long you'll have it on your skin.

    It's pretty dangerous to do this yourself --- only because if not correctly formulated, you could cause more damage to your skin than actually help it.

    If you really have to do your own peel (because I know peels are expensive), get some kits at

    I know the website isn't that great but anyway, the kits have instructions. It'd be safer that way.
    I will be waiting for the answers!
    Glycolic acid peel is something you should not use with out professional help other wise this could burn your skin.

    Microdermabrasion or Glycolic Acid Peel? Please Help?

    I am not sure which one should I do first. I have scars and unever skin tone. I just want clear even skin so I dont have to use makeup. I also have very mild acne. Only comes once in a while.Microdermabrasion or Glycolic Acid Peel? Please Help?
    microdermabrasion is always a good way to go. It not only helps w/ uneven skin tone, but helps minimize the size of the pores. Mary Kay has an excellent microdermabrasion kit for fairly cheaper than you are going to find in department stores or spas. They also have an Even Complexion Essence cream that helps with the scaring caused from acne and even helps with age-spots and brown spots. If you have any questions go to the web page, or ask a consultant. I'm a Mary Kay consultant as well.Microdermabrasion or Glycolic Acid Peel? Please Help?
    Microdermabration worked well 4 me i never used acid peel, sounds kinda rough
    Microdemabrasion will first serve to exfoliate, thus removal the dead cells from your skin. The peel can follow after, to maximize its effects. Start with a lower percentage of glycolic acid if you are a new user. You can safely use the L'Oreal Glycolic Acid peel (with 10% glycolic acid).
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  • I'm a 18 yr-old girl with many acne scar on face,do L'Oreal ReNoviste Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel lighten them?

    i heard that L'Oreal ReNoviste Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel Kit lighten acne scars , I plan to buy it, can anyone who tried it before tell me whether it is useful or not?

    I'm a girl from Singapore have low confidence on my appearence because of acne scars, many people said i am pretty but i didn't think so because of those acne scars that make me always try to avoid people looking at my skin.I have fair skin ; so the acne scars even look more obvious in daylight or under the sun. please tell me any product or way that available in my region. I truly appreciate helps from you =)I'm a 18 yr-old girl with many acne scar on face,do L'Oreal ReNoviste Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel lighten them?
    My suggestion would be to go to a cosmetic surgeon. There are many new treatments now for Acne Scars and they can improve them greatly. Make sure you go to a Board Certified

    Plastic Surgeon only.I'm a 18 yr-old girl with many acne scar on face,do L'Oreal ReNoviste Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel lighten them?
    Murad products with glycolic acid works pretty good you can get it at sephoria.
    Hey,im from singapore too and i have the same problem as you do.

    A friend of mine recommended me a Clinique product.She uses it and it works.I don't knw the name of the product though.But you could ask any of the Clinique's sales assistant around:)

    Does a glycolic acid peel help with redness from artificial scarring? Does it help immediately after the peel

    ??Does a glycolic acid peel help with redness from artificial scarring? Does it help immediately after the peel
    Yes, as long as a soothing facial mask and then day cream are applied afterwards then you should see results immediately.

    For the best results for your scarring you should have a few treatments

    eg: Glycolic Facial once a week for 4-6 weeks

    You can also purchase facial creams that contain small amounts of Glycolic acid in them- and each time you apply them you will be helping to heal your scars whilst also preventing premature ageing.

    I hope this helps you

    What is microderabrasion n glycolic peeling,its treatment cost,its effects???

    My skin is dusky rather wheatish dry skin with dark circles n pimple marks,dark sunspots..pls help me?????

    pls help me out......i tryed all home remedies,creams etc but none could give me some good results!!!!!!!!!!!

    what type of concealors should i use for dark circles.

    should i go for ch.peeling or microderabrasion,does it give me a fair,lighten glowing skin with reduced marks?????????What is microderabrasion n glycolic peeling,its treatment cost,its effects???
    If you want to get rid of dark sunspots and dark circles there's an amazing product out there what REALLY works. I gave some samples to a friend recently to treat ';pregnancy masque'; (sun spots) and she saw a difference in a couple days. If you'd like some samples or information about the product let me know. I can send you a link to view some before/after photos too.What is microderabrasion n glycolic peeling,its treatment cost,its effects???
    Don't do microderabracion n glycolic peeling.

    Papaya kojic or licorine base soaps/creams

    are best for your problem.

    Check this out:鈥?/a>

    How do I soothe the skin on my face after a glycolic peel?

    I had my 4th glycolic peel today and this one really made my skin sensitive. Feels like a bad sunburn and looks like that too.

    I am doing a 6 week series and a minute is added to each session, this one was a 6 minute peel with 30% solution.

    What can I do to help ease the discomfort? I am using a good lotion, but are there other tricks?

    I tried to put make-up on for mother's day outing, but OUCH! too sore.

    I have always had positive results from my glycolic peels. I skipped a week of my treatment. I should have only had a 4 minute or 5 minute peel.

    Any advice?How do I soothe the skin on my face after a glycolic peel?
    use skin moistureiserHow do I soothe the skin on my face after a glycolic peel?
    I dont exactly know what a glycolic peal is I've never had one. but my suggestion and it will probably look funny (depending on how much you put on) but it might help, is to cover your face with aloe vera gel (with lidacaine, the blue stuff) that you buy at like walmart for sunburns. the aloe vera will help your skin heal and the lidacaine will help dull the pain. and next week I would suggest not going up a minute since you skipped a week.
    I had my first Glycolic Peel on Saturday, so I feel your pain :)

    I've been soothing mine with Jason's Ester-C toner and Jason's Ester-C Hydrating Masque. (you can find it in the natural and organic section of your grocery store)

    I keep my toner in the fridge and spritz it on my face, dabbing it off with cotton balls. Then I slather on the hydrating cream.

    Seems to be working so far, and my face feels better than it did!

    I hope this helps!
    aloe vera lotion or spray, a sensitive skin lotion, and some ice should help. treat it just like a sunburn, because its nearly the same thing, just from a different source.

    I think my glycolic acid face peel burned certain parts of my skin it almost looks like chemical burn?

    is this normal I just got the peel todayI think my glycolic acid face peel burned certain parts of my skin it almost looks like chemical burn?
    Hmm... an ';acid'; face peel.... looks like a chemical burn huh. gee I wonder why?

    Lets break it down,

    ';acid'; a chemical that eats away at things

    ';face'; that would be the thing the acid ate.

    ';peel'; something that happens to dead skin.

    Glycolic acid (or hydroxyacetic acid) Once applied, glycolic acid reacts with the upper layer of the skin, weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together. This allows the outer skin to ';dissolve'; revealing the underlying skin.

    So why are you surprized? What did you think was going to happen when you put acid on your face?I think my glycolic acid face peel burned certain parts of my skin it almost looks like chemical burn?
    how bad?

    it shouldnt look like.. destroyed

    Do you think its too risky to use a professional-strength glycolic peel?

    Its very time consuming to go to a spa and it would be nice to do it at home. Plus I can buy clothes for that one treatment I would have paid $300 for. Is it too risky? It generally has a lot of positive feedback.鈥?/a>Do you think its too risky to use a professional-strength glycolic peel?
    I dont know, but i dont want u doing nething risky *pokes* .. AJ needs to stay safe :)

    EDIT: hehe, nice to see u too ;) ... i need to run to school now but ill be around later *hugs again*Do you think its too risky to use a professional-strength glycolic peel?
    There's a reason why those people are trained to do that stuff.

    If you'll do it at home, make sure to research a lot first so you know what you're doing.

    And what to do if something goes wrong.
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  • Can you buy glycolic face peel kits in the uk?

    if so where can you buy them from??Can you buy glycolic face peel kits in the uk?
    yea the internetCan you buy glycolic face peel kits in the uk?
    Yes u can, from Vantage Chemists, but try a Brillo pad soaked in petrol first, u will be surprised by the result...

    Has anyone had a Glycolic Acid skin peel and if so what were the results?

    I used it a couple of times for my spots but I found out that it was better suited to slightly more mature skin (over 35 at least), I'm 26. I can't say I notice any benefits but I wasnt' using it long enough.Has anyone had a Glycolic Acid skin peel and if so what were the results?
    i am 34 and had it a few times at 33 because my skin is very dehydrated. It did me good. it really makes your skin tingle for a bit, but afterwards your skin looks really bright and alive. Get advice about your skin type and make sure it is suitable for you before you do it. check with a beautician if they would recommend it for you. if you would feel more comfortable, check with someone who works wherever you're buying the product. They should be able to advise you. good luck.Has anyone had a Glycolic Acid skin peel and if so what were the results?
    sounds painful like u rip someones skin of with acid when there alive

    Has anyone tried the Glycolic peel package offered at Kaya Skin Clinic? If Yes, How were the results?

    no not me

    Question about Glytone Mild Gel Wash and Glytone glycolic facial peel?

    Today I went to my dermatologist and received a glycolic acid peel using Glytone products. I was wondering if anyone has had this particular procedure and whether it successfully eliminated acne.

    The Dr. also said something about Glytone Mild Gel Wash (which contains a tiny, tiny amount of glycolic acid in the wash) By using this everyday, i could rejuvenate my skin cells and have a mini glycolic peel each day. Just wondering if anyone has used these products for acne or got a glycolic acid peel and if they have helped their acne?Question about Glytone Mild Gel Wash and Glytone glycolic facial peel?
    It depends on the individual, but glycolic peels generally do help with acne. Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliator, so the chemical basically removes the dead and and rough layers of your outer skin. The peels help reduce oiliness and make your skin smoother.

    Personally, I don't think the mild gel wash is very useful. After getting a glycolic peel myself once, the therapist suggested I could try the gel wash, and I bought it for my boyfriend to try as he has bad acne. It really didn't help with the acne and in fact dried out his skin too much. It's also annoying to use because you have to rub it into your skin and wait a few minutes before you can wash it off. It's also quite expensive as well.

    I think you should just use a normal cleanser and exfoliator and just get a glycolic peel every once in a while.

    Glycolic peel for chest acne and scars...?

    i had microderms on my face and chest, but i broke out! especially my chest. i have lots of acne and scars now, and by lots i mean lots, no exxageration... the room and the aesthetician are clean, as far as my observation is concerned. my aesthetician said i should try glycolic peel next time. im going to attend a wedding in a month, so i think i will only get to have 1 session of this peel before the wedding. does anybody know if glycolic peel will help me reduce the acne and scars in just a short time and in just 1 peel?Glycolic peel for chest acne and scars...?
    You can use Accutane... if you don't care about your liver and whether it continues to work or not.

    Glycolic peels are fine for occasional use, but if you over-use them they can actually prematurely age your skin.

    If you want to do something that will help lesions heal faster, ask your esthetician to use the pinpoint high frequency electrode on them. About 30 seconds per lesion really speeds healing. If you have too many to pinpoint individually, your esthetician can use the mushroom electrode.

    I also recommend you do enzymatic peels. They are safer than 20% glycolic (for frequent use) and just as effective. They also help reduce inflammation and speed healing of any lesions. A great peel to use is powdered green papaya (papain enzyme) or bromelain (from capsules).

    I have had tremendous success with preventing/treating acne with these proteolytic enzymes. Enzymes like bromelain are cheap and easy to find just about anywhere (TwinLabs is a good brand that is widely distributed) and the green papaya powder can be found online.

    You will also want to think about what is CAUSING your acne, and what you can do to address it. Many times it is more about what's going on inside your body or with your diet that is the cause, not poor hygiene or bad skin care products.

    More than likely you are sensitive to gluten and soy, and perhaps some other common food allergens as well. I personally am sensitive to gluten and will break out like crazy within a few days of a significant exposure.

    Give it some thought, and try the enzymes... they work wonders!

    Good Luck!


    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Glycolic peel left me seriously burnt! help!?

    hellllo, well i am 16 years old and have been getting glycolic acid peels done professionally at a dermatology office for a while now. i go every two weeks to get these peels to help with acne and pigment problems. i just got my fifth one done today. they started me off low and every time the concentration got higher or the time longer, and i reacted quite well to all of them except today. it was at a 50% concentration for 3 minutes, and my right cheek is completey scorched! its really red, painful and almost raw looking. im assuming i've gotten a burn. i put aloe vera (right from the plant) on it and washed it gently with cold water for a few minutes and kept cold compresses on it. its really only my cheek that has this big burn, the rest of my face is fine.

    has this ever happened to anyone else?

    how long will it take to heal?

    will it leave scars? (my biggest fear)

    thanks!Glycolic peel left me seriously burnt! help!?
    It shouldn't leave a scar. I use them and have gotten red from them - it usually lasts about 2-3 days. Keep the aloe or a triple antibiotic gel (like Neosporin) on it to soothe and help it heal.

    Call the derm and have them note your file as well - they may also prescribe something to soothe it.
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  • Pls suggest good Glycolic acid peel product (for acne treatment-Glycolic compound 10%*ph-4.5)in INDIA?

    heard that it does help to decrease the amount of acne you produce and hence we can protect our skin some extent. Could you tell me a few products that this chemical is in?? which are available in india.

    Can we use this kind of peels at home wothout Doctor's Help?Pls suggest good Glycolic acid peel product (for acne treatment-Glycolic compound 10%*ph-4.5)in INDIA?
    after 7 weeks of using fair %26amp; lovely ,

    skin peels off,

    try it !

    I've been using it to remove the pimples marks.Pls suggest good Glycolic acid peel product (for acne treatment-Glycolic compound 10%*ph-4.5)in INDIA?
    PanOxyl Bar
    check this link its good


    Just had a 35% glycolic peel done.. it cost me $60.. took less than 20 minues'?

    question.. had anyone every bought this stuff.. to do in their own home? If so, what brand...and where? It occurred to me that payin someone $60 for just a few minutes is crazy.. but I do like the way my skin looks the next days after a peel..

    Can this be done safely at home?.. thanksJust had a 35% glycolic peel done.. it cost me $60.. took less than 20 minues'?
    It can be done safely at home but you start at 30 for a while %26amp; then move up. There's a great seller on Ebay with good prices that I've bought from. I believe their ID is glycolicsolutions. They'll send you detailed %26amp; informative instructions with your product.Just had a 35% glycolic peel done.. it cost me $60.. took less than 20 minues'?
    It's not really safe to do Glycolic peels at home. Especially if the percentage of glycolic acid is that high. Legally, any glycolic peel with a percentage over 30% glycolic acid can only be performed under medical supervision. If those products aren't used properly they can cause chemical burns, and can seriously damage your skin. You can mantain the results of a glycolic peel by using a daily product with glycolic acid in it. My favorite is called Quick Refiner by Bioelements. You can find it at some spas, or on the internet for around $40 sometimes less.
    you can do it at home but if you don't stop the chemical reaction in time you could end up with bad can buy professional strenght online...I have searched for it and found it but

    listen, it is your skin...yes it is expensive, but you are paying for the service too...just save for it and have the pros do it...

    it is nicer and you don't worry about the burns


    Glycolic Peel ';at home'; ??


    I'm in Europe for a while where it's legal to buy real glycolic acid in pharmacies. I'm hoping someone with experience on the subject of facial peels will answer my question. I'd like to do a glycolic peel at home. Since I can buy products between 3% and 70% glycolic acid ~ what should I start with?? I have small, faint discolorations all over my face from years of acne (no raised or indented scars though).

    Also, if I try to apply it evenly, there shouldn't be much risk with peeling certain areas deeper than others right?

    Yes, I have read quite a bit on the subject and am aware there will be stinging %26amp; redness for a full evening afterwards.

    Thank you for any sound advice!!Glycolic Peel ';at home'; ??
    I would do a 35% first. I wouldn't dare do any stronger until you are more familiar with your skins reaction to it. The site below has very good instuctions and instuctions on how to do a patch test.

    Glycolic Acid - what is safe amount to use in a peel?

    I have seen some up to 50% strength for sale on ebay, do it yourself kits, it's a little scary to think of doing this on my own, though... what is a SAFE amount to use that will not cause the burning and extreme peeling of a peel, but still does some good for the skin?Glycolic Acid - what is safe amount to use in a peel?
    I am a Beauty Therapist so of course I am going to suggest that you have a peel done professionally because that way good quality professional only products are being used. I perform my own Glycolic Peels at home and my professional only products are not as strong as what you have mentioned.

    I know that peels can be expensive so a great option is to have a treatment of peels done eg: A Glycolic facial once a week for 4 weeks or even up to 6 weeks

    After this time you should then purchase a day cream which contains small amounts of Glycolic Acid, then each day that you apply your cream your skin will be rejuvenating itself and reducing acne, scarring etc.

    If you still want to have the peels for an extra boost then have them done once every 4-6 weeks for maintenance

    If you do choose to purchase a cream containing Glycolic Acid then ensure that you apply a sunscreen over the top of it as minimal sunlight combined with the Glycolic can burn, dry and damage your skin

    I hope this has helped youGlycolic Acid - what is safe amount to use in a peel?
    Generally consumer chemical peels have an concentration of 10% or less of the active agent - in this case glycolic acid - and a pH of 3.5 or more. A lower ph indicates higher acidity.

    Professional chemical peel agents usually have a concentration of 20% - 30% acid.

    Also each product is supposed to carry a label warning that the product causes increased sensitivity to the sun and requiring the use of a sunscreen.

    Stay away from any product not made for consumer use. An improper peel can cause permanent scarring and/or skin blotchiness.
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